Welcome from the Catz JCR Committee to the page which hopefully answers most, if not all, of your questions about Catz life. As you hopefully have experienced, Catz is a very friendly environment with a focus on the ‘other things in life’ at Cambridge with fantastic sports teams and wide breadth of societies. We are always looking to support you further and the JCR committee are the best to get in contact with for any ideas, questions or difficulties.

To get to know a little more about us, what we do, how to get in contact with us and why we are more normal than you think – click on our committee page. Cambridge life is very tough, full of stress and new challenges, and it is very easy to feel overwhelmed and struggling to tread water. Welfare should take precedence over anything else and at Catz this is particularly the case. The welfare page has all the information and resources available but please feel free to get in contact with any of the committee, particularly Jake Mendel and Lucy Purnell as our Welfare Officers.

Your first point of reference for most admin and charge related questions will tend to be on the rent and accommodation page. Leaky cupboard, unhinged sink, faltering door or creaky light? Fill in a maintenance request on the official college website. As for frying, you will have heard from college no such thing is allowed. The rules on this are quite lenient and depends on your bedder. Generally, it’s easy to just fry in a boiling pot/saucer as opposed to having a frying pan and risking that. Want to try a new sport or carry an ongoing hobby – find more info here. For a calendar of the main Catz events, find this here.

We hope you enjoy your time at Catz!


What are we?

The JCR comprises all of the undergraduates at St Catharine’s and is represented by the JCR Committee.

Prospective students will soon be able to find useful information on applying and what it is like to be an undergraduate at St Catharine’s; current students can log in on the left to find information on rent, welfare and how to do common tasks in college.

Remember to check out the Catz JCR Facebook page too!

Where are we?

St Catharine’s College
Trumpington Street
Cambridge, Cambridgeshire


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