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Big Audition Weekend 2019

The MBPC is excited to announce that The Big Audition Weekend 2019 will be held on 26th and 27th January 2019, at the Brewery Room in Jesus College.

The weekend gives performers the opportunity to audition in front of up to 21 May balls and June events including:

  • Jesus May Ball
  • Corpus May Ball
  • Murray Edwards Garden Party
  • Queens May Ball
  • St. Edmunds May Ball
  • Emmanuel May Ball
  • Caius May Ball
  • Sidney Sussex May Ball
  • Pembroke May Ball
  • Churchill Spring Ball
  • Robinson May Ball
  • Trinity Hall June Event
  • Darwin May Ball
  • Homerton May Ball
  • Selwyn May Ball
  • Peterhouse May Ball
  • Wolfson May Ball
  • Downing May Ball
  • Kings’ Affair
  • Clare May Ball and Newnham Garden Party

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The signups will be closed by beginning of Lent Term.

Information from the above Facebook event:

  • Each performance slot lasts 15 minutes and is subject to a charge of £5 per act to cover costs of the event.
  • Sign up here

Please direct questions to David Adeboye.