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Journalism Training Programmes in South America

Bolivia Unlimited is a non-profit, online and print publication that provides students with a learning experience in Bolivia – a country rich with Indigenous cultures, extensive biodiversity and one of Latin America’s fastest growing economies. We offer 1–3 month internship programmes in journalism, video documentary production or Spanish.

The monthly magazine Bolivian Express began in 2010, when a group of Bolivian Oxford University students realised none of their peers knew much about their country-of-origin. Bolivian Express is now the nation’s largest English-language news outlet.

Interns collaborate to create a theme for each issue and content to match; a short documentary is also made alongside each month’s theme (here is our Vimeo channel). Students and graduates from a wide range of countries and disciplines (including: social sciences, humanities, international relations, journalism, communications, Spanish, film & TV) work as a team to create each issue of Bolivian Express from inception to publication.

The training and learning programmes involve:

  • Pitching stories during the editorial meeting
  • Researching stories and interviewing sources (with assistance from a translator/interpreter when needed)
  • Writing and editing their own stories for publication (with support from our staff of professional journalists)
  • Photography classes (including editing photos using Adobe Photoshop)
  • 32 hours of one-on-one Spanish classes per month

We have received over 350 interns and have just published our 87th issue of Bolivian Express – here are testimonials from past interns about their experience in La Paz with Bolivian Express. More information can be found on our website or in the booklet below.

More Info about Internships and Training Programmes

Debating whether to go travelling or do an Internship instead?

Working with Bolivia Unlimited means you will get a first-hand and up-close look at Bolivian life and culture. The Bolivian Express journalism program will give you greater understanding of how the country works and an insight into people’s lives. The same goes for learning Spanish, it is truly a world-expanding ability that will enable you to gain another perspective that other travelers tend to miss out on. You will also meet other interns who share similar interests in learning and exploring new cultures, and you will collaborate with them to create content, practice Spanish and travel around the city/country.

BX Magazine – Print Journalism Programme

Our magazine has won the attention of TEDx, Bolivian celebrities and even the Vice President. Interns are given creative liberty to pitch any and every idea they have – we then work together to work out what would make a good story. We cover everything from politics, art, sport, LGBT issues, music and much more. During the week you will take lessons in Spanish, journalism and photography, and will also attend editorial meetings. The magazine is distributed for free in various locations across Bolivia and is also available online.

BX Doc Unit – Documentary Production

You will investigate, shoot and edit your own 3- to 5-minute documentary short. You will work with Bolivia-based video professionals, using professional equipment and editing software. During your stay you will learn the basics of mini-documentary making, including production and theory classes, as well as one-on-one guidance. The short documentaries are distributed through online platforms.

Is it Right for You?

You are observant and inquisitive – your curiosity is your greatest attribute! We welcome everyone – we receive graduates, current undergraduates and school-leavers; we assign projects and provide support based on experience and capacity – don’t worry, we are here to help! Your dream career does not have to be in journalism; Bolivian Espressos (as former BX interns are known) are sought after by universities and a range of employers for their international experience, initiative and storytelling abilities.

BX Spanish and Spanish Plus - Spanish Language Learning

You will attend Spanish classes at a local language school, undertaking a crash course in language learning. With Spanish Plus, you will also receive guided immersion around La Paz with our teachers, allowing you to practise your skills outside the classroom. With both programmes you will improve your spoken and written Spanish through real conversations with Bolivian people and immersion into the vibrant culture of the country.


We take up to 8 participants every month, we recommend applying as soon as possible because often we run out of places (especially during the summer months). A number of previous participants have been able to secure universities funding or grants to cover part of the programme and travel expenses involved. More details are available in the attached information sheet, and on our website where you can read past issues and apply.


Please direct questions to Josephine Zavaglia, Social Coordinator ((+61) 405560498).