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Cam River Health Survey

My name is Max, I’m a PhD student at the Cambridge Vet school. A group of grad student friends and I are currently doing a citizen science project: our aim is to monitor (via DNA sequencing) the Cam’s microbes associated with infections regularly obtained by rowers, swimmers, anglers, punters. With May Bumps starting now, this topic becomes more relevant than ever!

It’s summer, it’s exam time, it’s May Bumps, let’s have a bath… and year by year, Cambridge rowers, swimmers and punters obtain serious infections associated with pathogens from the Cam river’s water. What are these bugs, and where do they come from? A detailed information and research framework that targets the involved microbial culprits is still lacking. By filling in this 3-minute survey, YOU help us in getting a better quantitative understanding of Cambridge citizens’ general contact with the river, about infection rates and types across time and space:

Our grassroots science project PuntSeq (abb. “Punting & Sequencing”) will use a small, portable real-time DNA analyser to study the Cam’s water bacteria. We are currently measuring chemical and biological parameters of water samples at different places around Cambridge, and all of our data will be openly and publicly shared in the near future. If you like to learn more, simply follow us on twitter (@puntseq) or send us an email!


Please direct questions to:
Max Stammnitz
PhD candidate | Pembroke College
Transmissible Cancer Group, Department of Veterinary Medicine