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Campus Children's Holidays Residential Programme

Campus Children’s Holidays is a charity run by Cambridge students and alumni which provides free respite holidays in Liverpool for children aged 6-13 referred by social services and is now recruiting new helpers for summer 2019.

Do you have a week free between 20th July and 26th August to help provide disadvantaged children from Liverpool with a much-needed holiday? Do you want to run around like a child for a week, get your face painted, make new friends AND gain some invaluable new skills? Then sign up today to volunteer with Campus! We are currently looking for volunteers for our Residential project (8-13 year olds) and for our non-residential project; Hippo (6-8 year olds).

More info available on our website.

Sign ups for new helpers are now open! Application deadline: 18th March. All applicants will be contacted to arrange a short interview.

(NB: if you have volunteered with Campus before we will contact you separately)

NON-CAMBRIDGE RECRUITS are also welcome! Contact Jenny if you would like more information.

Visit our website and Facebook page or get in touch with Jenny Whitby at if you have any questions - we love to hear from potential volunteers!