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Recruitment for academic summer programmes

We are a provider of academic programmes that take place at Magdalene College, University of Cambridge during the summer. We are seeking to recruit students with energy, charisma and a passion for all things international to join our team of ‘Delegate Advisors’ for the forthcoming summer. In the past, we have successfully recruited many of our Delegate Advisors through the college JCRs and MCRs, and so we were hoping you might be able to spare some time to circulate the job advisement amongst your members, see here.

It is an excellent opportunity for students to gain some valuable work experience and develop their intercultural skills while interacting with our delegates who travel from all over the world to join our programmes. We are offering full and part-time contracts of varying lengths with a competitive pay rate depending on experience.


Please direct questions to Sean Ahern, Operations Manager, Oxford Office, CBL International.