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Cambridge Consulting Network Projects

Interested in getting more experience in consultancy, developing your skills and working with others in an engaging project? Michaelmas term is the perfect time to get started. This term we have seven exciting Flagship projects for student consultants to work on.

Apply now to become a Consultant for a Flagship Project, and join a team to generate high-calibre solutions for clients ranging from startups to industry leading companies!

Alternatively, if you’re just getting to know consulting, or don’t have as much time to commit, then you might want to try out as a Consultant for CCN’s Insight Programme – a 4 week consulting project that has half the time horizon of the Flagship projects, but promises the same intensity and rewards.

And for those who have already tried their hand at consulting, it might be time to make the next step up – in leading a group of consultants as an Engagement Manager for a Flagship Project or Insight Programme.

Project Details

Flagship Project 1: Competitor Analysis.

A NGO, addressing the problem of young women being less likely to pursue education and careers in STEM, life sciences and healthcare is publishing a book featuring inspirational stories of women, tracing their life journey prior to obtaining degrees from University of Cambridge, and first steps after graduation. CCN will conduct a comprehensive competitor analysis for the book and startup. This will eventually define the scope for this NGL in the industry.

There are no strict background requirements for this project.

Flagship Project 2: Market Research.

The client is a under development centre/charity focusing on Animal Rights. They are interested in conducting a market research on the potential donors and donors’ preferences and would also want to prepare a campaign/pitch and some marketing strategies for the centre.

Interests in marketing and delivering messages to public are beneficial.

Flagship Project 3: Marketing Strategy.

A Cambridge NGO releasing a booklet featuring inspirational stories of women from STEM background aims at defining their market entry strategy. The CCN team will do a background research to identify the opportunities to launch the book in the global market. Then, the team will provide a marketing strategy for the book release.

There are no strict background requirements for this project. Previous experience in marketing and/or communication is beneficial.

Flagship Project 4: Patent Landscape.

A UK-based platform that facilitates the communication between high-level niche freelancers and businesses is looking to conduct a search for the key patents in the specified field and a competitive analysis between the client’s and the competitors’ patents.

There are no strict background requirements for this project, if some consultants have a mild interest in tech industry and market research, it is a bonus.

Flagship Project 5: Performance Management.

A London-based not-for-profit educational organisation is looking into improving their employee engagement approach and performance management system in a way that it promotes and aligns with their organisational values. They are specifically interested in non-financial incentives and activities that will promote this and in the current approach to pay and compensation as a second factor.

There are no strict background requirements for this project, but if some consultants have an interest in HR and Psychology/Social Sciences, it is a bonus.

Flagship Project 6: Cure - Business Strategy.

The client is a healthcare social entreprise, operating in the MENA, that provide amputhees with 3D printed myoelectric prosthetics to overcome their limits. CCN will refine their strategy to make it sustainable. A particular focus of the project will be developing a fundraising strategy to take their venture to the next level.

Flagship Project 7: Minion - Market Research.

The client is a tech startup that helps businesses reduce their electricity costs and improve their productivity using a device measuring real-time electricity consumption. CCN will first conduct a competitor analysis. Then, the team will estimate the market demand for their product. This will allow the startup to understand more thoroughly their position in the market.

Insight Programme

Following our success last year, we are happy to announce that we will be partnering with Capco for the Insight Programme again. Our client is a boutique consulting firm that specializes in finance and technology – two of the fastest growing and high potential sectors in consulting. Take on the role of a strategy consultant in helping large financial institutions find digital solutions to increase the reach and capacity of wealth management, portfolio and other banking services.

Get trained on essential consulting skills such as deconstructing consulting problems, testing the market, product pitching and more. The project culminates in a final presentation in our client headquarters in London on a fully subsidized day-trip, followed by networking drinks with executives in the company.

We are looking for enthusiastic Consultants and Engagement Managers with a passion for critical problem-solving and the blockbuster division of FinTech. Applications are opened to all undergraduate students of all subjects.

The Flagship Projects begin on Sun 21st October with a mandatory launch event.

The Insight Programme begins on Tue 23rd October with a mandatory launch event.

Please be aware that the projects will require a time commitment of 5–10 hours per week, though this may differ according to project.

To apply

Visit our website at: to submit an application. You will need to complete a short online form indicating your preferences; we will do our best to staff the projects accordingly.

Application Deadline: Mon 15th October, 2pm (applicants are advised to apply well in advance)

If you have any questions please email Clara at: