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Volunteering Opportunities for students in China and Mongolia with Lovvol

Come join our Lovvol volunteering / internship programmes in China and Mongolia. Unlike other volunteering organisation, not only are all our programmes completely FREE, but also selected student applicants get free training and certification as well as free food, accommodation, excursions and even Mandarin lessons during the programme in China. This year we will be visiting Shanghai, Beijing, Ulaanbaatar, Xiamen, Shenzhen and many more!

We welcome students from across the UK, USA and Australia. Interested? Apply now or register interest @

Please find some programme details as follows:

Lovvol encourages our Ambassadors to explore China in an engaging manner. We aim to foster cultural understanding and introduce Ambassadors to the Chinese language and way of life, inspiring the next generation of Chinese children to learn English and broaden their horizons. Currently we offer a variety of distinctive programmes:

  1. Cultural Exchange – some classroom teaching (English) combined with a range of cultural workshops, blended learning activities and excursions;
  2. STEM Development – some classroom teaching (English) combined with a range of Science, Technology and Engineering workshops, blended learning activities and excursions;
  3. Inspiring Futures – a progressive holistic education programme developed by our partner Future Foundations (a UK leading Youth Leadership training organisation) - to be delivered by our Ambassadors to Chinese children. The differentiating factor is the consideration given to the development of ‘emotional intelligence’ alongside our core objectives of cultural exchange and language progression.
  4. LOVVOL Adventurer – We have teamed up with a summer camp provider specialising in water sports and adventure activities for young children. If you are the sporty adventurous type this might be a great way to combine a new cultural experience in China, teaching and developing your leadership skills

How we operate & Role Descriptions

  • Ambassador: Depending on the specific programme, Ambassadors are asked to complete pre-departure research and training.

    After arrival in China or Mongolia, Ambassadors will engage with school children, aged from 7-16 years old in groups of around 20. There will be no compulsory textbook for teaching. However, sample materials will be provided. Teaching is normally focused on conversational English and cultural workshops, while the format for activity-based classes is active group learning and participation, for example real situation English, outdoor activities, culture exchange and teaching English songs etc.

    Support and assistance from experienced teachers will be provided at the local institutions, so Ambassadors can develop confidence gained from the pre-departure studying and training.


Start and end date

1/07/2018 – 31/08/2018


3 weeks to 2 months depending on student applicants’ availability and the programme

Skills and qualifications

None required. Any previous teaching or volunteering abroad experience or Mandarin language skills would be beneficial.


All ambassadors must have a native level of spoken English, and also enthusiasm, motivation and a willingness to interact with children and embrace the experience!

How to apply

Please log on our website to register your interest or apply at Alternatively, please contact for further enquiries. Places are limited and it is on first come first reserved basis.


Full-board accommodation are provided in addition to excursions and cultural workshops on some programmes (e.g. mandarin lessons, trips etc) for free.

Please direct questions to Stephanie Gilbert, Operations Manager, LOVVOL - Love Volunteering.