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Bobby Seagull's Book

By way of introduction, my name is Bobby Seagull and I’m doing my Doctorate in Education (specialising in Maths) at Emmanuel College. I’m on Emma’s MCR Student Committee and also a part time school maths teacher (last year at Chesterton Community College in Cambridge, but this year back in London). I recently debated at the Union alongside a Catz alumni, Promise Knight, and my brother, John Seagull Jose did Economics at Catz from 2008–11.

I was on the BBC quiz show University Challenge a couple of years back as captain of the Emma team, and I was lucky enough to have built up a following on it with my rival from Wolfson College Cambridge, Eric Monkman.

I had a BBC Two four-part science travel series “Monkman & Seagull’s Genius Guide to Britain” out recently. I have had an exciting few months promoting maths, as I’ve published a new book “The Life-Changing Magic of Numbers”. The book is partly autobiography, partly an ode to numbers and using examples from my life to show numbers are everywhere - from the kitchen, to the gym and even the dating world!

I’m doing a book signing at the Waterstones in Cambridge next Saturday 10th November from 2pm–5pm. I was wondering if this is something that might interest your student body.

Are you looking for a Christmas book gift for yourself or for a friend who likes maths/popular science? Well, Bobby Seagull, a Doctorate student at Emmanuel College and school maths teacher might have the answer! He rose to prominence as a captain on the quiz show University Challenge in 2016–17. With Eric Monkman, his rival captain from Wolfson College, has recently co-presented a BBC Two science-based travel series, Monkman & Seagull’s Genius Guide to Britain. It is Bobby’s mission to spread positivity about maths and he has just published a book “The Life-Changing Magic of Numbers”. It is a light-hearted and accessible book (bright 10 year olds can read, as well as mathmos or those that think maths is not for them!). He shows how many maths can be in all contexts such as cooking, in the gym or even your search for love! Bobby will be signing copies of his book at Waterstones in Sidney Street this Saturday 10th November from 2–5pm.

Please direct questions to Bobby Seagull.