In and Around Catz

Welfare Survey Outcomes


  • There will be at least 2 Welfare Events in Chad’s per term (70% of people wanted to see this).
  • Have contacted Headspace trying to get a College subscription as 50% of people wanted this. Lucy is having a phone call with Headspace on Tuesday 27th March. To find out more about Headspace follow this link
  • We looked into getting a jar of condoms and sweets in JCR and Chad’s, like the MCR. The JCR committee as a whole felt this was not needed because:
    • There is already the sexual health form.
    • People could tamper with the condoms.
    • Sweets would not make it any more subtle.
  • Welfairy will run all year and there will be an option to send an inspirational quote, bubbles, a stress ball, chocolate, sweets, a facemask or dried mango. At the moment, we’re just getting all the stock so we will start it next term.
  • We have updated the Welfare Guide and will send a digital version round. It will not be printed. We are discussing the Guide with the Senior Tutor and other Tutors on Friday.
  • Organised drop-in chat sessions via a Google Form were not popular and so we will not run these but will run an open door policy. You can also Facebook or email either of us at any time. Emails: and
  • Hushmail. If you are concerned about anonymity, you can use the Hushmail website to create an anonymous e-mail address very quickly and easily. It works similarly to gmail, and you can use it to seek help from the Welfare Officers without us being able to identify who we are in contact with. You can set up an account here

Specific replies to comments

  • We will have activities (e.g. colouring-in) as an option during Welfare Tea.
  • Measures will be taken to ensure animals’ welfare at any event where animals will be present.
  • Comedy evenings are already run by Craig in the Bar.
  • Where to apply for counselling that lists the relevant costs and waiting times will be in our Guide. So you know all these services are free.
  • We do not feel a Playstation at Chad’s is a Welfare issue. JCR committee discussed this and do not think this is appropriate until the Octagon is revamped. The JCR revamp includes getting a games console.
  • We will try to get puppies but they are quite hard to find! We hope you will be happy with a Welfare Dog in the meantime!
  • In discussion with the Women’s Officer (Susie) about a program about awareness of women’s health.
  • We will update the Facebook and Instagram pages with self-care tips. During text-a-doughnut there was also an option to get a self-care tip every Sunday.



  • We will try to run 2 events a week/run them along with SMC and the mental health and disabilities officer.
  • Tuesdays 5pm (30% of people who answered this part of the survey could make this every week).
  • Sundays 5pm (40% of people who answered this part of the survey could make this every week).
  • Only 1 person responded that they could never make these times. This person did not enter the times the could always make and so it is hard to offer an alternative time. We therefore suggest they message us with a time that works for them and we will try to do something then.
  • Catz Welfare events will be advertised on the following platforms:

Welfare tea

  • Will happen in Bar from now unless warm and sunny and then will be in Chapel Court. Some craft events will still happen in JCR, especially if they can cause mess.
  • Food will be a mixture as there was a mixture of responses.
  • There will be a wide variety of fruit as this was the most popular item with 85% of people wanting this.
  • We will have donuts, hummus, herbal tea and vegan options as recommended.
  • There will always be a activity option for those who do not want to talk and want some time out.


  • This will happen next term in the JCR.
  • Timings yet to be decided.
  • Will have got permission from Senior Tutor.

Dog visits

  • 80% of people interested in this.
  • Brought this up with Dean on Friday. He said it was fine but wants us to check it’s OK with the Bursar. Bursar yet to reply.
  • Propose to hold a session in Octagon. Main Catz not allowed.

Welfare animals/bunnies

  • 80% of people interested in this.
  • Brought this up with Dean on Friday. He said to try dogs and go back to him if we think dogs work well.
  • If Dean approves, will contact ‘Home Grown and Raised.’
  • Would look into maximising opportunities to consider Welfare of animals used.

Craft events

  • Colouring in (50%), May Ball prop making (this will include origami) (43%) and cupcake decorating (55%) will occur ASAP as these were the 3 most popular.
  • Will look into Lego and clay for next term.
  • Other ideas since survey:
    • Journal making.
    • Self-care brunch/appreciation brunch.
    • Sushi event.
    • Using print-outs
    • Please send in any ideas you have! :)
  • Thought about recommended baking session but came to the conclusion this would be impractical and so hope the person who recommended this can see cupcake decorating as a compromise.

Welfare ice cream in Chapel Court

  • 80% of people interested in this.
  • This will be organised on an appropriately sunny day in Easter term.
  • A variety of ice creams will be brought.
  • Quiet period rules still apply.

Relaxed Sports Sessions in Easter Term

  • These will be led mainly by Anna Faulkner.
  • A variety of different sports will be on offer.
  • These will only go on when it’s sunny and warm. Therefore, they will be organised as and when appropriate.

Bouncy castle

  • Will only make plans to have on Sherlock Court/Chad’s as Catz pitches was no as popular.
  • This probably will not happen until next Lent term if possible because do not want to create too much noise in College in Easter Term.
  • Will ask the Dean nearer the time.

Events we have run so far and number attending

  • Sunday 25th Feb, 5pm: Cupcake decorating. Attended by 25 people.
  • Tuesday 27th Feb, 5pm: Text-a-doughnut in Chad’s and Main Site. 40 doughnuts delivered in Chad’s and 40 in Main Site. We will get more doughnuts for Main Site next time!
  • Sunday 4th March, 7pm: SMC event for Eating Disorder Awareness Week. Attended by 12.
  • Tuesday 6th March, 5pm: Appreciation Card making in JCR.