Current Students

Pay my college bill?

The preferred method is using the online payment system, however you can also pay by cheque or bank transfer.

Remember to pay your bill on time to avoid the late fee!

Contact maintenance?

Please use the maintenance form. Note that these requests are only received during normal office hours (Mon-Fri, 8am–4pm), so requests sent outside this time will be dealt with when the office next opens.

Make a complaint to college?

The college complaints procedure can be found here. For any general gripes feel free to email the relevant member of the committee or come along to one of our meetings, they’re open to all JCR members so feel free to come along and join in the debate.

Book a room for a student function?

Most college rooms

Use this link. Fill out the forms as best you can, and you will receive a confirmation email a few days/a week after. You should fill in the form at least 2 weeks in advance, ideally months in advance as the rooms are often booked up. The confirmation email will flag up any problems with your booking that you need to sort out. Generally emailing is good, as Caroline Grover who responds to these is incredibly helpful and nice. The fastest way to have any of this done is by ringing the Porters’ Lodge (01223 338300) and asking them to put you through to the Conference and Catering Department.

At the moment this link can be used for:

  • McGrath Centre
  • McGrath Bar
  • Dining Hall
  • Ramsden Room
  • Rushmore Room
  • OCR
  • SCR
  • St Chad’s Octagon
  • Alex Jacobson Room

Several things to note:

  • If you want alcohol to be served, you must seek permission of the Dean, Dr John Xuereb.
  • For categorical responses to food and drink requests you should email or ring up the department.
  • You are unlikely to be allowed to have exclusive use of the bar during its opening hours, 18.00- 23.30, and will likely have to have cleared up in there by 17.30.
  • If you would like to obtain a bar extension, you again must seek permission from the Dean. So far there is not much precedent for bar extension hours – in Freshers’ Week 2013 he allowed it to remain open until 23.59 on Sunday 6th October.
  • The JCR has a sound system that may be used for events.
  • If you would like to use Hall and decorate it in any way, you must liaise with the Hall Manager, Martin Cullum (01223 338324) and he will tell you what you are allowed, and not allowed to do.
  • Hall use must not interfere with the hours of normal service.
  • Recommended to book for 15-30 minutes in advance of the event so that everything is ready on college’s part, and so that you can set up if need be.

Catz Pitches

You need to email two people for permission to use Catz pitches:

If you would like to use the BBQ you must seek Dr John Xuereb’s permission; he will give you the health and safety guidelines, see end of document, and you will then need to liaise with Conference and Catering, ending up contacting Gerald Meah, Head Chef as he holds it. They do not provide charcoal or cooking utensils. If you would like to use music on the pitches you must not make so much noise as to disturb neighbours. You may use the May Ball marquees to cover the speakers so they don’t get wet. The pitches are shared with Christ’s, hence the need for permission as they may have a booking, and are a very sporty college.


If you’d like to use Chapel for any reason, you need to contact the Director of Music, Dr Edward Wickham, and liaise directly with him.