Becky Eden

she/her2nd year BioNatSci

As JCR President, my primary role is to represent the interests of the student body to college. I chair JCR meetings where we discuss proposals made by you and try to find the best way to implement them. If you have any issues, big or small, come to me and I’ll try my best to help.

Vice President

Matthew Edge

he/him1st year PhysNatSci

As Vice President, my role is to assist the President and all JCR officers in pushing through proposals to implement student-led and student-orientated change. I am also responsible for the accountability of the committee.


Harshith Chakka

he/him1st year Economics

As JCR Treasurer, I’m in charge of making sure the JCR’s money is spent on the things that you want. I allocate each officer’s budget and frequently meet with the college bursar and accountant to ensure our finances are on track. If you have any suggestions on how to improve life in college or ways in which you think money could be spent better, don’t hesitate to contact me at!

Academic Officer

George Cristin-Marks

he/him1st year MML

As Academic Officer, I’m here to ensure that you have the right environment for your studies. I am here to present the student body’s views on our education to the staff of the college, to be in touch with the librarians to ensure the libraries are aptly stocked, and to help find information and advice regarding academic options you may consider during your time at Cambridge, such as intermission, changing Tripos, or how to manage studies in difficult personal circumstances, especially during Easter term.

Access Officer

Sophie Anson

she/her1st year HSPS

As Access officer, my aims are to support the interests of prospective and current students from underrepresented backgrounds. I promote university-wide access and outreach schemes, such as being a CAMbassador. I also work with CUSU to organise the Shadowing Scheme within Catz (where Year 12 students spend 3 days shadowing a current undergrad). I work alongside the SLO to provide school tours and run open days and events for targeted schools/areas.

Accommodation and Facilities Officer

Bart Pratt

he/him2nd year PhysNatSci

Hey. My name’s Bart, I’m a second year physnatsci, and I’m the accommodation officer for the JCR. In this role, I act as a point of contact between the student body and the college for matters related to your living experience. I’ll be your first port of call if you have specific requirements that aren’t being met, and any time you have an issue with accommodation that extends beyond maintenance. I represent your interests in rent negotiation with college, and organise the room ballot for second and third years. If there’s anything I can help you with, get in touch!

BME Officer

Tse Uweja

she/her1st year Engineering

Hi, my name is Tse and I am studying engineering. As the BME officer, I’ll be the port of call for any BME students at Catz and will work to ensure that the needs of BME students are listened to and addressed. I aim to create a friendly network throughout all year groups that can provide support and advice by continuing events like pizza nights and inter-collegiate mixers. Of course, I am also here to provide a friendly face or an ear when needed, so please don’t hesitate to approach me with any BME related issues!

Catering Officer

Jawwad Zamin Ali

he/him1st year PhysNatSci

As catering officer it’s is my responsibility to ensure the food in the bar and in hall meets is enjoyed by everyone and caters to all your needs. If you ever have something you think needs improving please do not hesistate to contact me.

Charities Officer

Avinash Sekar

he/him1st year Economics

As charities officer, my main responsibility is to raise as much money as we can for various charities, as well as letting people know how they can get involved with charitable events within and beyond Cambridge. I run a Catz Charities Facebook page which has all the latest charity information on it, so stay up to date! If you have any fun new initiatives that would help raise money for charity, or a particular charity you would like to donate to, please do tell me!

Communications Officer

Nikita Kamath

she/her1st year Engineering

As the Communications Officer, I make sure everyone is informed of JCR activities and news by publishing bulletins and managing this website. I also act as an intermediary between you and the committee. If you have any questions or concerns for the JCR committee, or want to publicise something in a bulletin, do email me or send me a message on Facebook!

Ents Officers

Maya Mehan and Rebecca Hunt

she/her1st year Economics & French and Arabic

As entertainment officers we organise termly bops as well as more casual events such as pizza or quiz nights in the bar. We also know a fair bit about going out to different nights around Cambridge and are always willing to talk. Most of all our job is to make sure the whole of Catz has fun, so if you have any ideas let us know!

Ethical and Environmental Officer

Emily Gobet

she/her1st year Chinese

As Environmental and Ethical Officer, it’s my role to help reduce St. Catharines impact on the environment and promote ethical values at college. This is mainly through engaging with college staff to help St Catharines become more sustainable, and fostering student engagement via social media and collaboration with the Student Switch Off Campaign. If you have any concerns or ideas regarding anything related to the green impact of college then please do email me!

Female First Year Representative

Alice Draisey

she/her1st year HSPS

I’m Alice, the female First Year Representative. Our role is to be there for Freshers in any capacity during their first year, helping them to settle into Cambridge life and welcome them into the Catz community! We are putting together a wonderful Freshers’ Week to induct first years, introduce them to the excitements of uni life year and give them a positive start to their life here. Mainly we are here for anything freshers need – a chat, reassurance on new things they will experience here, comfort if they’re missing home, a friendly face around college. We look forward to meeting our new fresher year at the end of September!

Male First Year Representative

Matt Franklin

he/him1st year Land Economy

I’m Matt, the male First Year Representative. This year I will be working alongside Alice to welcome the Freshers’ into the Catz community and to help them settle into life at Cambridge. We will be starting the term with a busy Freshers’ Week, which will be a great way to introduce the first years to the college and the university. After the first week, we are here to help the Freshers’ with anything they need and to help them ease into Uni life. We look forward to meeting our new fresher year at the end of September!

International Officer

Thomas Cleere

he/him2nd year ASNAC

Hi! I’m Tom, a second year ASNAC. As your international officer, my role is to represent international students and look after their welfare. Part of this involves helping to ease students into living in a new country and mitigating culture shock. If you have any questions of an international nature, feel free to drop me an email!

Disabilities Officer

Mhairi Mclay

she/her1st year BioNatSci

Hi, I’m Mhairi, your disabilities officer. I’m here to support all disabled students at Catz, ensuring that everyone is aware of the support they can access from both college and university. I am also happy to chat and help with any issues or question you may have, feel free to say hi or just send me a message.

Female and NB Welfare Officer

Charlotte Golding

she/her1st year Geography

Hi I’m Charlotte, your Self-Identifying Female Welfare Officer! Jack and I run welfare events at Catz, and distribute welfairies and sexual health supplies. I am always here to talk to if you have any concerns- I can guide you to who can best help you with any problems! Don’t hesitate to speak to me around college if you have any questions.

Male and NB Welfare Officer

Jack Stebbing

he/him1st year Music

Hi, I’m Jack, first year music student, and I am your self identifying male welfare rep! My role is to help you with anything you may face during your time at Cambridge. Myself along with Charlotte will be running welfare events throughout the year, can provide you sexual health supplies, and can direct you to any support you need whilst here. Feel free to drop me a message on Facebook or by email, I’m more than happy to chat about anything!

Sports and Societies Officer

Ollie Rosen

he/him1st year PhysNatSci

Hi, I’m Ollie and my role as your sports and societies officer involves making sure all of the sports and societies at Catz are accessible, well equipped and are able to run as smoothly as possible. Catz has so much to offer and it’s my job to make sure everyone can participate and enjoy life outside of work!

Women’s and NB Officer

Issy Bunce

she/her1st year HSPS

Hello! I’m Issy (she/her) and I’m the Women’s Officer – meaning that I am one of the first points of call for everything that comes under the umbrella of ‘women’s issues’. Women’s issues can range from feelings of exclusion along gender lines to practical issues such as sanitary products to more pressing issues like sexual assault and harassment. ‘Women’s issues’ is a limiting term as it is used, in this context, to apply to both Women and NB people at Catz. I will be organising events throughout term as well as pointing people towards women/nb events outside of Catz. (Please join our fb group – Catz Women and NB!). Don’t hesitate to contact me with any issues – all things brought up will remain confidential and I’m always happy to have a chat!

LGBTQ+ Officer

Robert Sizer

he/him1st year Archeologist

Hi - I’m Robert and I’m the LGBT+ representative for the JCR this year. I work with the other JCR officers and the college to try and make Catz more welcoming and inclusive for the LGBT+ community. At the moment, my main initiative is to create a LGBT+ community within the college and put on various social events in this vein. I also work with LGBT+ students to help support them with any issues relating to gender and sexuality that they may be experiencing. It is my belief that everyone, regardless of their identity, should feel safe and happy at Catz, and I will be working with the JCR to make everyone feel respected and at home in college.